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Urban Tote Bag

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RM 279.00
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RM 0.00
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RM 279.00

Our largest tote bag to date is the Urban Tote Bag. Designed for the modern day man and woman in mind, the bag is fully lined with 4 ample sized pockets to keep your devices and items in place. The bag also comes with a full 19 inch metal zipper. 

Natural Dye:

Natural dyeing is about celebrating the artistry of hand dyeing with plant extracts. Imperfections are part of its charm as the process is done entirely by hand and the outcome is often unique, so no two pieces are alike.

Designed, sewn and hand-dyed in Malaysia.

Product Details :

Fabric: Cotton canvas

Accessory:19 inch metal zipper

Color / Dye plant :

(1) Pickle: Tegeran Wood

(2) Seaweed: Tegeran Wood

(3) Charcoal: Manjakani

Technique : Hand dyed


Hand wash ONLY

(We use plant based mordants and metal salts as fixers to achieve the best color retention. We only recommend hand washing with MUNI delicate detergent or any pH neutral soaps.)


  • Our natural dyes are made from tropical plant extracts.
  • No toxic chemicals are used in the process.
  • With regular wash & use, natural dye clothes will fade into a lighter shade of itself. Re-dye is possible.
  • During the hand dyeing process, dye spots, uneven tones and dye streaks might appear on the fabric/product. This is common for natural dye products and is not a product defect. 
  • The dyes might react with strong deodorants, cologne and body sweat.


  • Re-dyeing MUNI garment is possible either with the same colour or darker tones.